Meet our Team

Meet the ICW Team

Board of Directors

The Intentional Communities of Washtenaw Board of Directors raises funds to pay for administrative and community builder services and activities.  It organizes public meetings and individual members provide extensive volunteer services in planning and overseeing the ICW intake process.

Sofia Merajver


I am on the Board of ICW to serve and advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.  I strive to contribute my talents as a parent, a physician, and a researcher to building fulfilling, safe, and happy lives.

Jim Osborn

Treasurer, Former President

I joined the ICW Board of Directors shortly after my son moved into his own place, mostly to stay in touch with the organization.  My role evolved over the years, from organizing bottle drive fundraisers to liaising with the Community Builder team to Board Secretary to eventually Board President when I retired from my project management career.  I now serve as the Board Treasurer.

Kathi Cohen

Board Secretary

I am on the ICW board because I believe in our mission and want to contribute to what I can to our success.  ICW has improved our lives as a family and provides social opportunities for our daughter as well as independence.

Albert Blixt

Board Member, Former President

I am one of the parents who helped found ICW in order to improve the quality of life for persons living with developmental disabilities. My son is an active member of the ICW community and had benefitted from the rich social interaction made possible by the ICW staff. In my professional life, I am a consultant who works with nonprofit organizations and their boards on future planning.  I am delighted to serve as a board member.

Dick Carlisle

Board Member, Former President

I have been a member of the Board since the inception of ICW.  As a board member and professional community planner, I remain committed to advancing the ICW model of an enhanced living environment for individuals with developmental disabilities.  I have also served on the Board of Therapeutic Riding of Washtenaw and led the effort to establish a Michigan office of Best Buddies.

Martha Bloom

Board Member

I have been part of ICW since its founding with an idea to create a community for adults with IDD to reduce isolation and improve their quality of life.  It is a joy to see the idea evolve, adapt, and flourish with the generous support of families and friends who share ICW’s vision.

Ruth G. Isaia

Board Member

I serve on the ICW Board to support our daughter, who is a long-term resident, as well as the ICW community at large. My husband I heartily endorse ICW’s mission to provide support for individuals with disabilities to lead dignified, productive lives. We always look forward to the wide variety of wonderful activities that the ICW provides its residents. My focus as a board member is on the growth and sustainability of the extended ICW network of residents and families.

Kirsten Osborn

Board Member

I joined early, formational meetings of ICW, ell before I could imagine my son living in his own place.  I believe deeply in the intent of our community to build and sustain relationships among our residents, families, neighbors, and other organizations supporting those with disabilities.  My vision for ICW is to become a sustainable, intergenerational community: a legacy for our children.

Rochelle, “Shelly”, Stoler

Board Member

I am a community volunteer who has served on the ICW board for several years.  I enjoy contributing to the fundraising efforts of the community and is committed to improving the quality of life of developmentally disabled adults.